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We want you to know Menorca through our eyes.

Come to know the Camí de Cavalls in autumn

If you like nature, walking, playing sports and have already read something about Menorca, surely the name Camí de Cavalls sounds familiar to you.

This path, which borders the island's coastline for 185 kilometers , is ideal for discovering the natural and scenic diversity of this Biosphere Reserve. And with the drop in temperatures during these dates, touring it becomes a much more pleasant adventure. You sign up?

Some information to keep in mind before putting on your boots

All Sagitario Hotels establishments are very close to one of the 20 stages in which the road is divided. So it will be easy for you to join the trail from your hotel, either from the new Gran Sagitario, in Santandria, or from Menorcamar, in Cala En Bosch. Before you start walking, write down these tips to make the excursion more pleasant and respectful with the environment.

  • If you have to cross a barrier and it is closed, leave it closed. You may not see livestock nearby, but the barriers in the field serve to contain the animals on their land.
  • Wear good shoes to walk on stone terrain. In Menorca we do not have great heights, but the unevenness of the ravines in the south of the island are important. And the road is, at times, quite stony. So save the flip-flops for the pool and the beach.
  • Always pick up the waste you generate. Remember that you are in a Biosphere Reserve and respect for nature goes through taking everything that does not belong to you.
  • Always protect yourself from the sun. Sun creams, caps and hats will be needed, especially in the middle of the day. Do not trust the Menorcan autumn bonanza, because it can rain at any time. Always wear a raincoat, especially if there is a forecast of rain.
  • Get a Camí de Cavalls guide in which the stages and their characteristics are well explained. There are online versions that you can check from home or from your hotel.
  • During the Camí there are hardly any drinking water points. Make a reasonable allowance to always stay hydrated. We also recommend that you bring something to eat. Some stages run near population centers. But the most spectacular do not have any type of service.

The stages of Ciutadella

You have 20 stages to choose from . However, we leave you the list of those that run through the municipality of Ciutadella, where the Sagitario Hotels establishments are located.

1. Stage 7. Els Alocs - Algaiarens. This is a stage that runs along the north coast of the municipality and in which you can see unspoilt beaches as spectacular as Cala Pilar or La Vall. It is considered of medium difficulty due to the unevenness of the terrain.

2. Stage 8. Algaiarens - Cala Morell. Continuing north, the terrain becomes more stony and the area of ​​red earth that characterizes the previous stage is left behind. It is also of medium difficulty.

3. Stage 9. Cala Morell - Punta Nati. The landscape turns into bare rock and rises to considerable heights, offering some of the most spectacular views from cliffs over 30 meters high. It is considered an easy stage.

4. Stage 10. Punta Nati - Ciutadella. This is the first stage in which you will already enter urbanized land. Specifically, in the Cala en Blanes area. Before, you will see points as beautiful as the Pont d'en Gil. It is also a simple stage.

5. Stage 11. Ciutadella - Cap d’Artrutx. You can join this stage from any of our establishments without having to travel by car. It is a simple route, which runs largely through an urbanized area and which gives an idea of ​​the beauty of the bay of Ciutadella.

6. Stage 12. Son Xoriguer - Cala en Turqueta. The change of landscape between north and south is very well distinguished in this stage, which leaves the urbanized beaches of the west of Menorca and the reddish sands of the north to give way to the white coves of the south. In this stage you will pass through sandy areas as beautiful as Son Saura or Es Talaier.

7. Stage 13. Cala en Turqueta - Cala Galdana. It is the last stage that runs through the municipality of Ciutadella, but it hides some of the most visited beaches: Macarella and Macarelleta.

As you can see, you have a landscape to choose from. Take a look at the rest of the stages and choose the ones that most attract your attention. Or stay with us for a few days and do them all!