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We want you to know Menorca through our eyes.

A guide to the Sant Joan festivities

The great festival of Ciutadella returns after two years of hiatus due to the pandemic. And we couldn't be more excited!

As a family of Sagitario Hotels, we have lived, experienced and celebrated the Sant Joan festivities for as long as we can remember. And, as we know that there may be some delicate moments, we have thought of proposing a small guide so that you can enjoy the party.

Welcome to Petit Sagitario!

The latest addition to Sagitario Hotels is Only Adults

In our cover post, we gave you a little insight into what the Sagitario Hotels chain is. How this great family adventure began and how far it has come. It was at that point when we put everything we are and offer on the table. And one of the little jewels that we have opened this year 2022 is the Petit Sagitario.

So in this post we would like to tell you something more about this small vacation hotel, located just in front of its older brother, the Gran Sagitario, and the strong connection that it has the environment that surrounds it. Shall we find out together?

The Princesa Playa becomes a large chessboard

This April we have hosted the I Open Chess Menorca, in which world figures of this sport have participated.

Menorca, at the center of the world chess board

Opening one of our establishments with full occupancy is a joy. And even more so if it is to be able to host one of the sporting events that will mark this year 2022: the I Open Chess Menorca. Representatives from 33 countries have traveled to Menorca to participate in this tournament, organized by the Chess Menorca association in collaboration with CECA, and which promises to become a benchmark in the world of chess. There have been five days, from April 20 to 24, in which, as if we were a great teacher, we have had to organize spaces, logistics and a multitude of arrivals, focusing on an organization in which each piece has been key to the success. In addition, we have turned our halls into the meeting place for world-class figures. Because although we love being able to use the enormous gardens of the Princesa Playa for all kinds of outdoor activities, the challenge of organizing a sports tournament of this magnitude has shown us the versatility of our spaces.

Why labor inclusion has always been with us

In March we celebrate the World Day of People with Down Syndrome, a very special date for us.

Since the founders of Sagittarius Hotels started the business, more than 30 years ago, they knew that everyone who wanted to, should have a job opportunity in our company. And why was it so clear? Well, because in their own family they had members with different abilities. And what is known closely, is loved in a special way. For this reason, every March 21, we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with our colleagues, a condition that brings an enriching vision to the work teams of our hotels.

All you need to know to come on vacation to Menorca

"Do I need a PCR?" "What will they ask me when I arrive at the airport?" "What is allowed to do in the hotel?"

Questions are piling up for our next vacation. To all. That is why we leave you here a small guide, with which we hope to solve your most general doubts.

Who must present a PCR or an antigen test to come to Menorca?

YOU DON'T need any kind of test if:

  • You are traveling to Menorca from an autonomous community within Spain with a 14-day cumulative incidence of less than 60 cases.
  • Also from Spain, if you have already been vaccinated with at least one dose and it has been more than 15 days since you received the vaccine at the time of travel.
  • If you are traveling from non-EU countries that have been classified as safe areas: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Israel, South Korea, Thailand, Rwanda, China, United Kingdom and Japan. You can follow the update of this list, here.
  • If you have been fully vaccinated, whatever your country of origin. In this case, you must present a certificate to prove that you have received the complete vaccine dose, authorized by the European Medicines Agency or the World Health Organization.

YOU DOmust present a PCR or antigen test and a QR certificate if:

  • You travel from Spain, you arrive from an autonomous community with a cumulative incidence of more than 60 cases in 14 days.
  • You have not received any doses of vaccination against COVID-19.
  • If you are traveling from outside Spain, you must fill in the health security documentation collected by the Ministry of Health, that you can find here.

    You can consult the necessary documentation to present in each case by clicking here.

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