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We want you to know Menorca through our eyes.

Discover the charm of Ciutadella in winter

You fancy a getaway and a change of scene. And you fancy fresh air, nature, sea, life.

That is why you are thinking of reserving a room at Petit Ciutadella or Hostal Ciutadella… But the question arises: what will I do in Menorca if I cannot go to the beach because it is not summer?

We are going to give you some tips and tell you some secrets to enjoy the island in the months when we Menorcans also enjoy it the most. Take a notebook and write down!

Talayotic Menorca: a trip to the past

The wonders that Menorca offers on the coast are well known. But have you taken a look inside the island?

The prehistory of Menorca dates back a few thousand years. The rock, present in many of the human manifestations of all times, is the protagonist of this post, in the form of archaeological sites. You should inform yourself before the excursions to understand the context and the importance of these enclaves. But we assure you that a walk through Menorca 3,000 years ago can be a fascinating journey through time.

Come to know the Camí de Cavalls in autumn

If you like nature, walking, playing sports and have already read something about Menorca, surely the name Camí de Cavalls sounds familiar to you.

This path, which borders the island's coastline for 185 kilometers , is ideal for discovering the natural and scenic diversity of this Biosphere Reserve. And with the drop in temperatures during these dates, touring it becomes a much more pleasant adventure. You sign up?

Beaches in Ciutadella: which ones are worth it and how do I get to them?

The Caribbean is closer than you think

If you have taken a look online, you will know that in Menorca you can find beaches that are quite close to the general idea of ​​what the Caribbean is. Crystal clear turquoise waters and fine white sand that sparkles with the sun. Here, we trade palm trees for pines, it is true. But for the rest, the picture could belong to one of those exotic places that we dream of thanks to the cinema.

Well, stop dreaming. Because if many of our guests return to the island, it is precisely because of its nature. And, above all, by the more than 100 beaches and coves that cut the coast every few kilometers.

The good thing about staying in one of our hotels is that you have more than one of these dreamy coves just a few steps away.. They are Xoriguer and Cala en Bosch you have them five minutes walk from the Princesa Playa and 15 from Menorcamar. Cala Blanca, Sa Caleta, and Santandria are also a stroll away from the Spa Sagitario Playa, Vista Playa Apartments and Villas Sagitario. In fact, if you stay at our new hotelGran Sagitario,you have the cove of Santandria almost at the foot of the hotel. A pine forest separates your room from this small family beach that has services for people with reduced mobility, surveillance and water activities such as kayak rental.

However, the extreme beauty of the Menorcan coast can be seen in the virgin beaches . Those that flee from civilization and that are an almost mandatory option if you arrive in Menorca as a couple or with friends. It is also possible to go as a family, although we warn you that being undeveloped coves, you will have to walk for a while. And always carry everything you need with you: from sunscreen to umbrella, food and water to get through the day.

All you need to know to come on vacation to Menorca

"Do I need a PCR?" "What will they ask me when I arrive at the airport?" "What is allowed to do in the hotel?"

Questions are piling up for our next vacation. To all. That is why we leave you here a small guide, with which we hope to solve your most general doubts.

Who must present a PCR or an antigen test to come to Menorca?

YOU DON'T need any kind of test if:

  • You are traveling to Menorca from an autonomous community within Spain with a 14-day cumulative incidence of less than 60 cases.
  • Also from Spain, if you have already been vaccinated with at least one dose and it has been more than 15 days since you received the vaccine at the time of travel.
  • If you are traveling from non-EU countries that have been classified as safe areas: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Israel, South Korea, Thailand, Rwanda, China, United Kingdom and Japan. You can follow the update of this list, here.
  • If you have been fully vaccinated, whatever your country of origin. In this case, you must present a certificate to prove that you have received the complete vaccine dose, authorized by the European Medicines Agency or the World Health Organization.

YOU DOmust present a PCR or antigen test and a QR certificate if:

  • You travel from Spain, you arrive from an autonomous community with a cumulative incidence of more than 60 cases in 14 days.
  • You have not received any doses of vaccination against COVID-19.
  • If you are traveling from outside Spain, you must fill in the health security documentation collected by the Ministry of Health, that you can find here.

    You can consult the necessary documentation to present in each case by clicking here.

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