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Welcome to Petit Sagitario!

The latest addition to Sagitario Hotels is Only Adults

In our cover post, we gave you a little insight into what the Sagitario Hotels chain is. How this great family adventure began and how far it has come. It was at that point when we put everything we are and offer on the table. And one of the little jewels that we have opened this year 2022 is the Petit Sagitario.

So in this post we would like to tell you something more about this small vacation hotel, located just in front of its older brother, the Gran Sagitario, and the strong connection that it has the environment that surrounds it. Shall we find out together?

SUSTAINABILITY, in capital letters

When the founders of Sagitario Hotels, Sebastián and Antonia, opened our first establishment more than 30 years ago, the word sustainability was not as popular as it is now. However, time, culture and our way of being have led us, more and more, to look for that green point in everything we do. And the Petit Sagitario is the maximum exponent of it. 

Located right next to Santandria beach, in Ciutadella, this small hotel focused on tranquility and relaxation for couples or small groups, is the culmination of years of learning to strike a balance between the best service and maximum respect for the our surroundings. Does the typical sticker on the bathroom glass remind you to use the towels more than once to save energy by putting washers and dryers? Well, at the Petit Sagitario we have climbed several more steps in those small - or large - gestures that make it a fairly green establishment. This is what we can tell you.

  • In addition to encouraging the use of towels on more than one occasion, in the bathroom we have set out to save and reduce. Saving on water, with a double flush system for the WC for... well, you know what for ;) The integrated system for reusing gray water for the WC is also of great help in saving water. We are lucky that Menorca is the wettest of the Balearic Islands and, normally, we have enough. But even so, the lack of quality water is a clear problem, especially in summer, when consumption increases. With the reuse of gray water we contribute to reduce this problem. On the dressing table you will also see some very special amenities. Consumables within a hotel generate great waste and consumption of plastic. That is why we have prepared a pack of biodegradable amenities. Because caring for the environment is not at odds with having the comforts that you would find in any other hotel. They are simply different.  
  • Let there be light. But low consumption. Surely you have some type of LED bulb at home (and if not, what are you waiting for?). Yes, they are a bit more expensive than normal ones. But they consume much less! Low electricity bill. The lighting quality is better. And we spend less energy, which in the end, is what it is all about. To be more efficient without missing anything.
  • Speaking of light… Although water is a precious element that we must take care of, sunlight reaches Menorca for more hours than in other parts of the world. And that is a great advantage when we talk about energy. That's why we decided to make the Petit Sagitario as energy self-sufficient as possible. The solar panels that we have installed in the building help us (and a lot!) to save on the electricity bill that comes from the combustion of fossil fuels. So smile every time you put the shower control in the hot water: you are contributing to improving the environment.
  • Let's be honest: cold, what is said cold, is not usually dropped by Menorca. But the humid nights at the beginning and end of the season make it necessary to shelter under a blanket. And if we add a bit of heating to warm the environment, the better. Here we have opted for gas as fuel to heat your room, much less polluting than the available alternatives.

And good health!

Let's get out of your room. As you can guess, the common areas also work with the systems that we just mentioned. But if we enter the kitchen, a new world of possibilities opens up to improve our environment. How?

Offering you local products whenever possible, from our properties and our fields (we want to introduce you to our peasants!). Here the temporality and the season of the year play an important role. In a big city, avocados arrive from the other end of the world so you can eat them every day. Well, wait until the beginning of August we will prepare you a salad of tomatoes from Menorca. It may change your concept of what a tomato should taste like. We will explain how and when these delicacies are grown in a future post!